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Our Classics!

Black is the new black! It never goes out of fashion and fits into any work or gaming room. That’s why we’d like to take a closer look at three of our classics today:

  1. Classic Pro:
    The name says it all – the Classic Pro is a timeless classic in our range. The chic diamond quilting, inspired by sports or luxury cars, gives the chair that certain something. The black-grey color scheme makes it versatile to combine and a real eye-catcher.
  2. Commander S III:
    A representative of our Office Comfort category, the Commander S III not only offers plenty of space, but also impresses with its timeless design. A chair you simply can’t go wrong with – popular and comfortable at the same time.
  3. Dominator Schwarz:
    The Dominator in black needs no introduction. With its unbeatable, simple design and the chic gray-orange accent in the logo, it is always an eye-catcher without pushing itself into the foreground.

So, which one should it be? Take a look at our store and get your hands on one! These classics are often gone faster than you can look!


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