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Conditions of participation
  1. By participating in any NEEDforSEAT® Europe sweepstakes, each participant expressly agrees to these Terms and Conditions. NEEDforSEAT® (hereinafter referred to as “Sponsor”) is responsible for the planning, implementation, administration as well as the processing of the sweepstakes entries and drawing of winners as well as prize distribution. If you have any questions, comments or problems, please contact the sponsor.

    The exact course of the competition, the period of the competition (participation period) as well as the respective prizes can be found in the respective competition description.

  2. Participation is open to natural persons who are resident in the EU, USA or Canada and have reached the age of 16. Participation is not limited to customers of the organizer and is not dependent on the purchase of a good or service.

    If a participant has limited legal capacity, the consent of his or her legal representative is required.
    Not eligible to participate in the competition are all persons involved in the design and implementation of the competition and employees of the operator and their family members. In addition, the operator reserves the right, at its own discretion, to exclude persons from participation if there are justified reasons, for example

    (a) in the event of manipulation in connection with access to or implementation of the sweepstakes,
    (b) in the event of violations of these conditions of participation,
    (c) in the event of unfair trading; or
    (d) in the event of false or misleading information in connection with participation in the sweepstakes.

  3. Winners will be determined by the Sponsor or an alternate within 48 hours of the close of entries in a random drawing from among all entrants. If the competition is linked to a task, only those participants who have completed the task correctly will be entered into the draw. Winner(s) will be notified by email (if available) or comment within 48 hours of Sponsor’s announcement. Winners must contact Sponsor within 7 days of notification to confirm their win. Failure to respond to the prize notification or failure to deliver the notification will result in loss of the prize entitlement. In this case, there is neither a claim to the actual profit nor to a substitute profit.
  4. In case of distribution of several individual prizes, only one prize per household and person can be awarded. Prizes will only be shipped to delivery addresses in the EU, USA or Canada. No cash payout or exchange of winnings. Lost or stolen prizes will not be replaced by Sponsor.
  5. Participation in the competition is possible by filling out the online form and / or performing the required task(s) (e.g. writing a comment). Automated entries by private individuals or companies are not permitted. The sweepstakes entry must be made by the participant. Attempting to enter the sweepstakes multiple times (for example, by using multiple email addresses, logins or other methods) will result in disqualification from the sweepstakes. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify participants even after notification of the prize due to any kind of manipulation. All entries received by Sponsor during the Sweepstakes Period will be entered into the Sweepstakes. In the case of a specific task, only those participants who have solved the task correctly will be entered into the competition. Sponsor’s timing is the basis for the term of the Sweepstakes.
  6. All participants agree that, in the event of a win, they will be publicly announced and that their data will be briefly recorded at NEEDforSEAT® as part of the prize distribution and may be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for the distribution of the prize. All participants agree to be contacted by NEEDforSEAT® via the above contact methods in the event that they win.
  7. The sponsor assumes no liability for incorrect information provided by the user, technical or human errors. There is no warranty or guarantee claim on the prize. In the event that the prize becomes a warranty claim within the warranty period specified by the manufacturer, the winner must contact the manufacturer. Sponsor cannot guarantee that warranty claims against the manufacturer will be honored. It is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer to recognize the warranty claim and also whether it will be honored as a gesture of goodwill. The prize will be delivered without invoice and no invoice will be made upon request. If the competition cannot be carried out as planned (e.g. due to technical problems affecting the telephone line, Internet line, server, provider, computer, etc.), Sponsor reserves the right to change or even terminate the competition. The sponsor reserves the right to change or even terminate the competition. In this case, the winner will be drawn from all valid entries received prior to termination.
  8. All sweepstakes published on,, or are promotions of NEEDforSEAT®, Wiesenstraße 13B, 34246 Vellmar.
  9. Social Media Disclaimer: All participants understand that they are submitting their information solely to Sponsor and not to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram is in no way connected to this sweepstakes. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram are not available as contacts for the competition. There are no legal claims against Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.

    Participation is free of charge and independent of the purchase of goods or services.

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