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Typical April – just in time for the weekend: SHIT WEATHER! There’s only one thing to do: The exclusive SHITTYWEATHER DISCOUNT from NEEDforSEAT! Get a


Our Early Bird offer goes into the next round! Although we have received supplies once, many chairs are sold out again due to high demand.

Easter at Maxnomic!

Easter is just around the corner! We at Maxnomic have come up with something great for you. Wir verlosen einen Dominator Executive Edition Black unter

Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T. Challenge

PRO THINKER MEETS PRO CHAIR We are a proud partner of the Freestyle Chess Challenge in Weissenhaus:Organised by none other than world chess champion Magnus

The early bird gets the discount!

Get a 12% “Early Bird” discount now! You’ve already noticed: Our stocks are almost empty and replenishment is unfortunately taking longer than planned. But don’t

Level up your gaming experience!

With our SeatQuake system, you experience unparalleled immersion, whether in nerve-wracking racing games or action-packed first-person shooters. The SeatQuake system makes you feel closer to

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