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Maxnomic vs Noname

We are often asked what makes our original MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs so special. MAXNOMIC® gaming chairs have been on the market since 2014. It is a product that we have developed ourselves because of our high quality standards.

There are now many competitors who offer very cheap alternatives, among other things. We could go on and on about why it’s not the best idea to save money in this area – or we could just show you!

Our Dr. Chair bought a “gaming chair” for this experiment. He will compare it with a MAXNOMIC® Dominator Executive Edition and really put both chairs through their paces. An incisive comparison, all in the name of science, of course 😉

But first, let’s take a look at the superficial characteristics of the two candidates.




Maxnomic® Dominator EE

Price: 459,00 €

Total Height: 125 – 135 cm

Backrest: 82 cm

Seat Height: 47 – 57 cm

Net Weight: 26,5 kg

Maximum Load: 150 kg
(For Maxnomic® chairs in the PRO-GAMING & OFFICE category)


Price: 110,00 €

Total Height: 115 – 125 cm

Backrest: 75 cm

Seat Height: 46 – 56 cm

Net Weight: 15 kg

Maximum Load: 130 kg
(According to the manufacturer)

In addition to significant differences in the size and weight of the chairs, we were particularly struck by the different armrests. The armrests on the no-name chair are a solid arch made of plastic with a glued-on arm pad. They can therefore not be adjusted or adapted in any way.

The Maxnomic® Dominator EE comes with our design-protected Maxnomic® armrests as standard. They are adjustable in 4 directions (4D) and have additional padding and a comfortable, paw-shaped rest for your fingers.

There are also significant differences in the tilt mechanism on the underside of the chair. The simple sheet steel tilt mechanism of the no-name chair can be locked in one position.

Under every MAXNOMIC® gaming chair, on the other hand, you will find a solid and comfortable knee tilt mechanism that can be locked in 5 different positions.

First up is the no-name chair – saw through the middle once, please!
What emerges here is quite surprising: a plywood panel as the “base” for the backrest and seat. We also find a lot of colorful foam scraps that form the filling material of this chair.

The MAXNOMIC® DOMINATOR EE is also in for a real makeover.

Here you can see the cross-section with the naked truth: the large molded parts of the backrest and seat are made of high-density PU & cold foam, a material that can also be found in high-quality mattresses, for example. The whole thing is held in place by a sturdy tubular steel frame and durable elastic straps. You will find these quality materials in every MAXNOMIC® gaming chair.

Now you have an overview of what sets our Maxnomic gaming chairs apart from the many “cheaper” alternatives. A focus on quality in terms of both materials and construction. Our chairs are much more ergonomic, more durable and therefore actually much more sustainable than the supposed bargain products!

And as is so often the case, the saying “buy cheap, buy twice” applies here too. So you’d better buy a proper gaming chair from Maxnomic! Your back will thank you for it!

If you want to see this test again as a short video, or just want to see us cut up some gaming chairs, take a look here:

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