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Voucher conditions

Our GTAC and Privacy Policy apply to the purchase of NEEDforSEAT® vouchers. Additionally the following conditions apply for our NEEDforSEAT® vouchers:

  1. General
    The terms and conditions apply to all NEEDforSEAT® vouchers that are being sold by the Maxnomic GmbH in our online shop on /
  2. Usage and delivery of MAXNOMIC® vouchers
    In accordance with these conditions, NEEDforSEAT® vouchers can be redeemed for goods and services offered in the NEEDforSEAT® online shop.
    The customer will receive the voucher as a greeting card (PDF) which is attached to the order confirmation e-mail. Vouchers cannot be ordered in combination with other items due to the different types of dispatch!

    Please note: The voucher code will be activated after receipt of payment and cannot be redeemed in the online shop before its activation. You will only receive an e-mail once the voucher code has been activated.

    You are obligated to specify a valid e-mail address to receive the voucher. In case the specified e-mail address cannot be confirmed, the Maxnomic GmbH reserves the right to retain the delivery of the voucher.

    Vouchers may be forwarded to third parties. In this case you are obligated to not use the voucher code anymore or disclose it to third parties.

  3. How to redeem a voucher
    NEEDforSEAT® vouchers can be redeemed for the purchase of goods offered on / The value of the voucher will then be credited against the actual invoice amount.
    Multiple vouchers can be redeemed per order!

    You can enter the voucher code during „checkout“ before confirming the order by clicking „Send order“.

  4. Residual value
    In case the voucher is worth more than the actual invoice amount, residual values will be preserved and can still be redeemed for new orders.
    Voucher values may not be exchanged for cash.

  5. Return
    If you return an order placed with your NEEDforSEAT® voucher, the amount that has been paid with the voucher will be refunded as a new voucher. You are obligated to specify a valid e-mail address to receive the voucher. If part of the invoice amount has been paid with another payment method, this part will be refunded with the same payment method in case of a withdrawal Please provide us with valid bank details (SEPA) where necessary.
  6. Validity
    Vouchers must be redeemed until the end of the third year after transmission of the voucher code. After this time the vouchers will lose their validity.
  7. Withdrawal
    You are entitled to withdraw a contract with us within 14 days (counting from the date of delivery). Within this period you can cancel the order of NEEDforSEAT® vouchers you bought online and you will receive a full refund including delivery charges. It is not possible to withdraw a voucher that has already been redeemed.
  8. Limited Liability
    The Maxnomic GmbH is not liable for NEEDforSEAT® vouchers that get lost, stolen, deactivated or damaged after their activation. Please handle the vouchers as if they were cash.
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