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The fabric lie…

The fabric lie…

We’ve been asked this a lot lately: Why don’t you also make a fabric-only gaming chair?

We’ll make it short: We won’t be making it. Why? Because we know (after more than 12 years of experience) how our chairs are used. That’s why we won’t be offering a chair with a fabric-only cover.

But the various self-proclaimed “test portals” out there (which are actually mostly pure sales platforms for Amazon & Co.) tell a completely different story, of course:

On fabric you sweat less / fabric is “Breathable” / fabric lasts longer” blah blah blah….

WRONG. The reason that you sweat at high temperatures in a well-padded gaming chair is solely due to the fact that the padding inside usually consists of a high-density PU foam. It insulates very well and returns the body heat almost completely to the user. It doesn’t matter which cover is on top. In fact, you sweat the same on all of them!

But there is a crucial difference: With fabric, both sweat and all other (body) fluids are absorbed into the material and, in the long run, form a rather disgusting ” wet biotope” between the fabric cover and the foam upholstery. Mites also feel very much at home there. In other words:
After just a few weeks, you’re already sitting on a veritable hotbed of germs.
Of course, you don’t notice it right away, and since the sweat is absorbed deeply, the surface doesn’t feel as “damp” at first as it might with artificial leather.
But both our artificial leather and microfiber covers have a decisive advantage:

You can simply wipe them off! Virtually nothing soaks into the upholstery underneath, which makes our products much more hygienic. Our tip for particularly hot days: Put a towel underneath! Is also made of fabric – but you can wash it!

We will not go into the myth of “fabric lasts longer”. Just this much: Even with fabric there are huge differences in quality. So don’t let anyone out there fool you with fairy tales.

Anyone who uses gaming chairs excessively will ALWAYS have to deal with signs of wear and tear sooner or later. To make it more obvious: You can usually drive many thousands of miles on a good set of tires. But you can also ride it down after only a few laps on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring… It just depends on the use. This is also the reason why almost NO manufacturer of gaming chairs gives you a warranty on the cover. Most of the time, these warranties only cover the frame and have a lot of restrictions on top of that.

Good with us: If the cover is broken, then we can re-upholster your chair.

Costs much less than a completely new chair and is much more sustainable.

In this sense: We wish you a nice summer!

Best regards,

Your Maxnomic / NEEDforSEAT Team

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