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SeatQuake-System MK-II

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Bring the “3rd dimension” to your MAXNOMIC® eSport chair!

With this complete set consisting of the vibration unit, the SeatQuake-AMP MK-II amplifier, cable stand and the connection cables, you can transform your MAXNOMIC® gaming chair into a quivering experience! Whether for first-person shooters, racing action, VR thrillers or listening to music: You have never experienced your games and music like this before! Compatible with all popular PC systems, game consoles and MAXNOMIC® chairs.

The SeatQuake-system adds tangible bass power to your existing sound system/headset in your chair. FEEL THE ACTION!

System requirements


Sound card (also integrated) with analog audio outputs or headphone jack

Game console:

Analog audio output or headphone jack

Existing sound system/speakers or headset

You can find the assembly-instuctions HERE

Insider tip:

If you have not been lucky enough to sit on an original MAXNOMIC – the SeatQuake-system usually also fits on replicas / other gaming chairs,

provided that the screw connection of the knee rocker mechanism under the seat has a screw spacing of 20 x 20 cm

Weight 5 kg
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