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SQ-Rolls transparent & HD-Base polished


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The perfect “tire” for your MAXNOMIC® chair! Special polished aluminum base with additional struts(triple reinforced!) plus double ball-bearing inliner wheels with total metal lock provide a bombproof stand while playing and for buttery smooth rolling on almost all surfaces (except carpet)! The optimal solution for all customers who are on the road with steering wheel / joystick pedal combinations. Whether SIM racing or flight simulator – even when the heat is on, the chair stays in place! Ideal also for particularly large and heavy users.
Also perfect in combination with the SeatQuake system. Due to the softer rollers, fewer vibrations are transmitted to the ground. So even more perceived power in your seat!

Set includes the HD-BASE (polished) and 5 rollers (transparent).


ATTENTION: SQ-ROLLS are only available with HD-BASE!
The standard base is not able to withstand the enormous load of the extra large SQ-ROLLS in the long run. The outrigger arms of the base could bend in on themselves or even break.
Safety first – that’s why the SQ-ROLLS are only available together with the HD-BASE.

ATTENTION: Due to the large rollers and their steering rim, the seating position increases by approx. 5 cm when mounting this set!

For packing reasons, large accessories, such as foot crosses, are shipped separately.


Technical data:

Inline skate wheel diameter 75mm, tread polyurethane with double ball bearing plastic rim (both transparent), body made of galvanized sheet steel with also ball bearing steering rim, integrated 11 x 22mm push pins – suitable for the HD-BASE, integrated total parking brake made of sheet steel.

HD-BASE diameter 700mm, polished aluminum, triple reinforced, extremely durable.

PLEASE NOTE: Intended for indoor use only! 😉

Weight 5 kg
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