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Our new store is here!

It is done! Our new store is online!
After many years it was time for a little change of scenery. Everything should be a bit clearer and more concise and we think we did a good job!
Please forgive us, if there are still some problems – we will work on all small and big problems in the next days and weeks.
Important for our existing customers / pre-orderers: For data protection reasons it is necessary to create a new password for your customer account for the new store. To do this, simply request a new password via your email when logging into your customer account.
For pre-orderers: If your pre-order is not yet displayed in the new store – don’t worry, your pre-orders will still be processed conscientiously.
We hope you enjoy the new store and look forward to your feedback!

Sincerely, Your NEEDforSEAT / MAXNOMIC Team

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